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February 1, 2011
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Clary paraded around Jace's room angrily, she was frustrated and angry that Jocelyn would do this to her, she never thought that someone you love could be so harsh.  Everyone else had felt at least a little shred of happiness, but not Jocelyn, she was just angry at Clary for getting pregnant.


Clary turned, hoping her mother had come to her senses and had come to talk to Clary by herself, but all she saw were those shimmering gold eyes which she'd looked into so often.

"Clary," Jace spoke up stating that he wanted to be listened to, not just heard," I know you are angry with your mom but you need to talk to her, you can't just ignore her every time she makes you mad."

"She's the one who got pregnant when she was younger than me, and now she's criticizing me for being childish and not able to take care of myself."  Clary said disgusted, she turned and sat on his bed, Clary could feel the tears forming in her eyes.

Jace noticed this and walked slowly towards her, he tried not to move too fast because he knew that this could set her off at any moment.

"Clary," Jace turned to look at him, he could see that her green eyes were puffy, red and full of tears, her face flushed; and before she could say anything, he took her and drew her head into him.  Clary's arms just pulled around him and let it all out.

"Why does everything always have to be this hard?" she asked between sobs.

"Because life is hard, no matter what you try, some things will come your way that turn out to be the worst of them all."
Here's the fifth chapter! Hope you all love it

Clary, Jace, Isabelle, Jocelyn (c) Cassandra Clare
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Kellz03 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013
It's great cant wait for the next chapter! 
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Awww <3

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I'm trying to but I don't have the time with work right now but I'm trying!
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I'll try not too, but that's hard..
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Ik, what you mean :D I had to finish my story in litterly 1 day, and I finished 3 Chapters & an epiologue
Brittanybanana38 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2011
Fun fun fun! I've had barely ANY TIME to write lately, and when I do it never makes it onto the computer!
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It's just terrible, between school, friends, and babysitting I have NO TIME!!
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