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Jocelyn kept pacing back and forth, frustrated in how this could've happened.  She knew that Jace and her daughter had been having sexual intercourse for years now, but she never thought it would lead to this so soon.

"Mom? Please say something," Clary spoke out of desperation.  Jocelyn gave the scene one last look and could see that her daughter was worried, worried about everyone around her but herself.

"Clary," she spoke with longing in her voice, everyone was looking at them now, waiting for Jocelyn to speak the words that would make or change Clary's life.  Everyone else waited, and as Jocelyn looked she could see the sympathetic gaze in Luke's eyes, the happiness in Isabelle's, and the frustrated worry in Jace, but then she looked at her daughter; Clary had both hands on her stomach and had a look of confusion on her face.  Jocelyn cleared her voice and looked at Clary," Clary, I know how much you want this, but all I want to know is if you're ready.  You're twenty years old, and barely know how to take care of yourself, let alone a child."  Clary looked at her in disbelief and saw that not only was her mother angry, but her mother was stating that Clary wasn't grown up enough.

"Excuse me mother, but I forgot to mention that you weren't even my age when you got pregnant with your first child and now you're criticizing me for carrying a child at twenty and not being able to take care of myself?!" Clary spoke in sheer anger, Jocelyn just looked stunned.

"Well, you see things were diff----"

"OH DON'T EVEN GIVE ME THAT LINE MOTHER!"  Clary started," you always use that line and you know how much I dislike it.  Once you actually feel like reasoning this with me, come and find me." She started walking towards the stairs in a rage, with nothing stopping her.

"Clary wait!" Her mother and Isabelle spoke in unison.  They both looked at each other when Clary went out of view, and a few moments later they heard the door slam shut, just then Jace headed towards the direction of his room where Clary had often lodged with him.  

"Hormones, you gotta love 'em."
Here it is, the fourth installment, i have to say that the last line just made me think of Jace, it just fits.

Jace, Clary, Jocelyn, Isabelle (c) Cassandra Clare
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oh yes jace, yes you do!
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