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Harry Potter Valentine's Day Fanfic…….

Hermione Granger walked towards the Great Hall with her books in her hand and her eyes staring towards the ground as she spent another Valentine's Day alone and in love.  She couldn't stop thinking about this one boy who drove her mad as usual. The way she would catch him looking at her and that split second when their eyes would meet, they were the days she lived for.  Those were the days that she knew brought them closer and closer together.

"Hey Hermione!" Hermione stopped as her face lighted up with hope; she turned to see it was only Harry running towards her with pieces of parchment falling out of his hands.  Her face darkened it hadn't been the boy she'd been hoping it was.  

As Harry caught up to her she sighed and realized he was still fumbling with his papers, "What would you like Harry?" she asked, trying to mask her sadness.

"Oh, I was just wondering if you wanted to help me with my Charms essay later?" he asked, "Since you know, neither of us are doing anything today."

Hermione looked at him, happy that someone wanted to hang out with her today, even if it was just for work, "Sure Harry, eight o'clock sharp in the common room, and don't be late!"

"Thanks Hermione, you're awesome" He said as his eyes smiled back at her before his mouth did, he glanced at his watch, "OHIHAVETORUNBYE!" he suddenly blurted out as he was running away.  As she smiled and laughed at him.  Always rushing to do things, Hermione thought as she felt something brush her leg and noticed it was a piece of parchment.  She picked it up and read it—

Tonight in the Gryffindor Common Room, bring your special someone for games of love and disaster, 9 pm SHARP!

"Great, another thing I won't be attending." Hermione muttered to herself as the parchment grew wings and flew towards the Gryffindor tower.


As the clock rolled around to eight, Hermione sat in the girls' dormitory on her bed reading Hogwarts: A History… For at least the hundredth time.  She put her book down and started to head down the stairs as she heard a song by the Smashing Pumpkins. She ran downstairs but was met halfway by Ginny.

"You might want to get out of those robes and put on something more… girly." Ginny said with a wink as she headed back towards the common room in her blue plaid skirt, white blouse and black pumps.  Hermione smiled and ran back upstairs .


It took Hermione about twenty minutes to sleekly curl her brown frizzy hair and get into her pink poufy skirt with a white short-sleeved blouse that had soft ruffles at the front.  She did a double take in the mirror and headed downstairs gracefully, walking slowly so she wouldn't risk falling down the stairs.  Once she reached the bottom of the staircase she noticed that the Valentine's Day party was in full swing. Hermione looked around and noticed Harry heading in her direction yet again.

"Hey there, you clean up nice," Hermione blushed at this comment.

"Thanks, you sort of do too." She spoke as she noticed his jeans, white t-shirt and messy black hair: he somehow pulled it off making him look hot but not overly hot that it made him unattractive.

He leaned his mouth to her ear and whispered, "By the way, Fred and George will be here in ten seconds to drag you to the broom cupboard." Hermione stood frozen and frightened as she looked all around for the twins, but they were nowhere to be found.  Suddenly she felt her arms being grabbed as she was being dragged towards the broom cupboard.  She noticed everyone around her going about their business like nothing was happening.  Then she heard the click broom cupboard door as it opened and she was pushed in, the door locking behind her.  Hermione got up quickly, attempting to open the door.

"That quick to try and get out of here, hey?" Hermione froze as she heard that husky voice she recognized as the boy's.  Without speaking she felt around and found his face then started to kiss him and she was surprised to find him kissing her back.  She could feel the love that translated through his kiss. A couple minutes later they heard a knock and voices.

"Knock, knock! 7 minutes is up, wizard stay put witch get your ass out here."  Fred or George yelled beyond the oak door.  Hermione opened the door to find it unlocked as she walked out she noticed Harry standing there, as if he was waiting for a report.

"Have fun?" he simply asked.

Hermione turned red as she answered, "Just a bit."

"You know who was in there right?" he asked and she noticed the curiosity in his voice.

"Oh I know, and I didn't say a word to him." She said smugly, "The poor boy won't know it was me, so no telling." She ordered.

"Poor Ron, he wanted to know which one was you." Harry replied sarcastically, Hermione grinned as she disappeared back up to the girls' dormitory, this Valentine's Day had been the best one yet.
Heyy this is my Valentine's day thing for this mini-contest, i hope you like it....

characters (c) J.K. Rowling
DreamerInTheClouds Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2011  Student Writer
Great entry for the contest. =D Be sure to vote for the winners on the pole on my page.
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